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Energy for Every Part of your Day

Caffeinated Energy & Protein Bars

Excellent 4.8 Stars

Energy Bar | Snack size, green-tea powered caffeinated bars to beat the afternoon slump. 110 cals
Protein Bar | Breakfast plus coffee. 10g protein, 190 cals


30 day Money-Back Guarantee

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30% off on your first shipment, 10% off all orders


What do Verb Bars taste like? Stop being let down by bars that taste like cardboard. All of our bars are chef-crafted to taste just like the inspiration for the flavor with a texture that's to-die-for. All with less than half the caffeine of a normal energy drink. No jitters, no crash.

Clean pre-workout, breakfast replacement, or afternoon slump vanquisher

Convenient, on-the-go energy

Save money on takeout coffee

Deliciously energizing

Try Verb risk-free for 30 days. If you're not totally in love, we'll refund you 100%.






30 day Money-Back Guarantee

Order by Jan 11. to get guaranteed discount

Order by Jan 11. to get guaranteed discount

Order by Jan 11. to get guaranteed discount

Us vs. Them

Big Energy let us down, so we made something better.

≤ 110 Calories

≤ 8g Sugar

80mg Green Tea Caffeine

Under $2 per Serving



80mg Green Tea


  • Starbucks
    Vanilla Latte

    250 Calories


    ~170-320mg Espresso


  • Clif Bar

    260 Calories


    No Caffeine


  • Red Bull

    108 Calories


    80mg Synthetic


  • 5-Hour Energy

    0... yikes


    157mg Synthetic


Comparisons as of Oct '22: Verb — Caffeinated Energy Bar in our 30% Starter Kit. Starbucks — Grande Vanilla Latte in Brooklyn, NY. Clif Bar — Crunchy Peanut Butter, price per bar in 12-pack on clifbar.com. Red Bull — price per unit in 4-pack on amazon.com. 5-Hour Energy — price per unit in 12-pack on amazon.com

Customers Can't Stop Raving About Verb


Annaluz F.

Verified Buyer

Best energy bars

I have been a customer for two years and I love these bars! I add these into my routine by either opting for a bar in the morning instead of a cup of coffee (which make me feel too full some days) and I take these bars on my hikes during the summer. I will definitely be a lifelong customer


Gilbert C.

Verified Buyer

Perfect snack for a quick energy boost

I've purchased many different Verb bars over the last several years. Lemon are my favorite! I always have at least 1 or 2 bars in my backpack, when I'm away from home for more than a few hours, as it's always easier to eat while I'm out



Verified Buyer

Love the protein bars!

The taste is great, as well as the consistency. Mainly, I'm happy with the amount of protein in it. I'm happy with 10+ grams in a protein bar. I eat these bars before hiking and sometimes for dinner. As an avid backpacker, I train 6 days a week, every week. This protein bar fits the bill perfectly!


“This is how I survive... literally. Whether you're on-the-go with your kids or need a pick-me-up and don't want to crash, Verb is the best.”

Shawn Johnson East

🥇 Mom & Gold-Medal Olympian  

6 Times


a Verb Bar is the

better option.

  • 1. The Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

    Hit a slump around 2pm, and can't decide whether to grab a nap or a candy bar? Grab a Verb bar instead, and you'll find that sweet craving satisfied & your to-do list completed.

  • 2. You're Running Late... Again

    Whether you’re late for a meeting, a flight, or school drop-off, sometimes coffee just isn't an option, but neither is being under-caffeinated. Keep these stashed in your bags, pockets, and car just in case.

  • 3. A Pre-Workout Essential

    The perfect snack & caffeine boost to power you through a long run, spin class, or gym session.

  • 4. Have You Seen That Airport Coffee Line?

    Staying energized while flying is legitimately hard. Airport coffee takes too long and always disappoints, and sugar-laden energy drinks aren’t much better.

  • 5. Night Shifts

    Whether you're a nurse about to hit an all-night shift, a student trying to study for finals, we'll help you make it to morning.

  • 6. Pregame Energy

    If you're looking to ditch the Red Bull Vodkas or just don't have the same energy you did when you were 22, Verb Bars are always a crowd-pleaser on a night out.

Video Reviews

  • Shawn Johnson

    Shawn Johnson loves a Verb Bar

  • People Try Verb for the First Time

    Number 9 will shock you.

  • Chefs Love Them

    Not biased at all.

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