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  • 1. The Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

    Hit a slump around 2pm, and can't decide whether to grab a nap or a candy bar? Grab a Verb bar instead, and you'll find that sweet craving satisfied & your to-do list completed.

  • 2. You're Running Late... Again

    Whether you’re late for a meeting, a flight, or school drop-off, sometimes coffee just isn't an option, but neither is being under-caffeinated. Keep these stashed in your bags, pockets, and car just in case.

  • 3. A Pre-Workout Essential

    The perfect snack & caffeine boost to power you through a long run, spin class, or gym session.

  • 4. Have You Seen That Airport Coffee Line?

    Staying energized while flying is legitimately hard. Airport coffee takes too long and always disappoints, and sugar-laden energy drinks aren’t much better.

  • 5. Night Shifts

    Whether you're a nurse about to hit an all-night shift, a student trying to study for finals, we'll help you make it to morning.

  • 6. Pregame Energy

    If you're looking to ditch the Red Bull Vodkas or just don't have the same energy you did when you were 22, Verb Bars are always a crowd-pleaser on a night out.


Hi! We're Verb.

We were tired of waiting in line for overpriced coffee & energy drinks that left us jittery & on the way to a big sugar crash, and weren't there when we really needed them.

So we created our Caffeinated Energy Bar, a delicious, pocket-sized bar packed with as much caffeine as an espresso, but made with Organic Green Tea for a focused, jitter-free boost. 

Years of perfecting our recipes have led to the bars you see today. Verb bars are designed to give you that long lasting energy needed to be your best self, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

We hope you enjoy. Stay energized! 🌻

Bennet, André & Matt (Verb Co-Founders) 

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