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Why I quit Celsius and Red Bull for these caffeinated energy bars

I used to have a Red Bull or a Celsius every morning to kickstart my day. I'd feel amazing from 9-11am, then things would start to taper a bit, and by the time I finished my lunch I felt like I could fall asleep.

A few months ago, I discovered Verb Bars and have entirely quit energy drinks. They're super delicious energy bars that are caffeinated with organic green tea – and they only have 110 calories.


No more sugar crashes

One of the biggest downsides to traditional energy drinks was the inevitable sugar crash. With tons of added sugars, I'd feel energized for a short while and then plummet, affecting my focus and mood.


The perfect snack size

Traditional energy drinks are bulky and can be cumbersome to carry around, but these caffeinated energy bars fit right into my pocket or purse. At just 110 calories, they're the ideal size for a quick energy pick-me-up without the caloric guilt.


Insane value at just over $1 per bar

When I did the math, I was stunned to find out how much I was spending on energy drinks each month. At just $1 per bar, I'm not only choosing a healthier option but I'm also saving a considerable amount of money. It’s value that makes me feel good in more ways than one.


Natural caffeine source

The green tea caffeine in these bars provides a smooth and steady energy release. It's a cleaner, more natural way to stay energized without the jitters or crash that comes from synthetic caffeine sources.


They're soo delicious

Flavor is a huge deal when it comes to choosing an energy source, and these bars do not disappoint. With a range of delicious flavors like Birthday Cake and Vanilla Latte, I can satisfy my sweet tooth while still making a healthy choice. It's a win-win!

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Required for survival

Verb bars are everything you need in an energy pick-up. Not only are the bars delicious, there are no energy crashes, no jitters. I had to go on work travel in another timezone and my Verb bars provided me the energy and alertness I needed to adjust and stay productive.

Verified Purchaser

“This is how I survive... literally. ”

Whether you're on-the-go with your kids or need a pick-me-up and don't want to crash, Verb is the best.

Shawn Johnson East
Mom & Gold Medal Olympian

"Yes, we started Verb, but we're customers too!"

We started Verb because we loved what good energy could do for people. Whatever it is that you love to do, Verb is here to make it better.

Matt, André, and Bennett
(Sunday is the pup)

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