The Inside Story: How André, Matt, and I started this viral caffeinated energy bar company while in college

Feeling hungry and tired while studying for an exam in his junior year of college, Matt walked into a coffee shop and paid $7+ for a coffee + sugary snack. As he walked out, he asked himself: "What if there were a delicious and affordable energy product that made me feel great?"

He pitched the idea for a Caffeinated Energy Bar to André and me, and the three of us have been working on the company for the last 5 years. Here's our story.


Long nights in the kitchen to discover the perfect energy product

Matt teamed up with André and me (Bennett) to make the first Verb Bars: delicious energy bars with as much caffeine as an espresso from organic green tea. No jitters, no crash energy in a healthy on-the-go snack, for less than $2 a pop.


Going viral on college campuses

The word got out on their college campus, then quickly spread. Soon, the team was visiting college campuses across the country, selling Verb Bars as fast as they could.


Olympians, nurses and people all over share their love for Verb online

The team donated more than 750,000 Verb Bars to healthcare workers at the beginning of COVID, and Olympian Shawn Johnson became a huge Verb fan. Sales rose online and momentum was building.


National Retailers Choose Verb

In a rare move for a young brand, Kroger & Target decided to launch Verb nationwide in 2023. Now, the company is off to the races.


The Next Great Energy Brand?

Matt just set out to make an energy product that could give him the energy to do all the "verbs" in his life. Now, it looks like it may turn into a much bigger story. We hope you'll give Verb a try!

Customer Reviews

| 750,000+ happy customers

Required for survival

Verb bars are everything you need in an energy pick-up. Not only are the bars delicious, there are no energy crashes, no jitters. I had to go on work travel in another timezone and my Verb bars provided me the energy and alertness I needed to adjust and stay productive.

Verified Purchaser

“This is how I survive... literally. ”

Whether you're on-the-go with your kids or need a pick-me-up and don't want to crash, Verb is the best.

Shawn Johnson East
Mom & Gold Medal Olympian

"Yes, we started Verb, but we're customers too!"

We started Verb because we loved what good energy could do for people. Whatever it is that you love to do, Verb is here to make it better.

Matt, André, and Bennett
(Sunday is the pup)

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